The Middle East Culture.

Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: The Middle East Culture. In this sense, films and books are critical resources for learning about the cultural representations in the area.

The Middle Eastern culture is weighed down by misogyny. This occurs as the society disregards the value of the female part of the society. Women, therefore, are looked down upon as the lesser members of the society. In the Bliss movie, her society endorses her death because she is a victim of abuse. Instead of punishing the man who abuses her, her society plans to get rid of her. This shows an underlying urge for the population to do away with the females. The society, therefore, seeks for opportunities that justify their need to purge the women and girls. On the other hand, the Middle Eastern culture confers significant advantages to the men at the expense of the women thereby suggesting an existence of inequality between two sexes. The idea of a woman as a sexual object and form of wealth emerges in the Season of Migration to the North story as Wad views Hosna as the same. In this view, a woman is an extension of the man’s identity. A woman, therefore, cannot form her own independent identity, as she perceives herself from the husband’s context. It is crucial to highlight that such a misogynistic culture eventually constrains the development of a woman.

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Although critics normally highlight the Islamic religion as the cause of patriarchy and misogyny, authors, such as Alaa Al Aswany inform that this is just a misinterpretation of the Islamic religious texts. The rest of the world, therefore, severely misinterprets the Middle Eastern culture as repressive on women. He explains that the ancient Islamic life viewed women as equals of men. Misogyny is thus a problem of misinterpretation of texts rather than a problem of the Islamic faith. It is essential to highlight that suppression of women often involves the suffocation of their sexuality since explicit sexual behavior is seen as immoral.

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