The Most Vital Characteristics of a Successful Leader.

The Most Vital Characteristics of a Successful Leader. Write a 3250 word paper answering; Leadership styles are the behavior models that a leader uses in order to influence the decision of others. Prudent leaders view their position as a responsibility to achieve the desired goal. In leading others, the responsibility of all that transpires should be accepted without shifting blame, even if the outcome is negative.

There are several factors that a leader should put in to practice in order to improve his strength. The ability to balance various interests, adaptability and the ability to innovate are particular strengths that have yielded prudence in my leadership style. Being trustworthy is a very important attribute in leadership. This is because others depend on the leader in order to be triumphant in their endeavors. Without trust, people can not believe in leadership and therefore do not follow the wishes of their leader. Leadership without a following can not achieve the desired objectives Nevertheless, in the course of leadership. trust worth does not guarantee popularity. Not everyone agrees with the views of the leader. This is an issue that should be clear in order for harmony to prevail. Trust worth is a sign of integrity that many followers adore. It makes them believe that their leader will always execute his plans and fulfill his promises. Consistency in the activities as planned is of utmost significance. Trust is a combination of attributes and capability which are the fundamentals of developing leadership. This means that leadership can be developed and therefore one does not have to be born a leader in order to achieve the desired goals (Jeff Hill 2008).

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The ability to visualize the future is a significant feature that gives a leader the correct reasoning about the incentives that can be used to motivate the people in order to work towards the achievement of the goal. The leader should share his vision with others in order to build on their&nbsp.expectations.

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