The Music of Hollywood Films. 

 The Music of Hollywood Films. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Then one day an engineer comes to the village to build a dam. The engineer Rajeev had a very strange problem since his childhood and that was his inferiority complex regarding his looks. He thinks that he is very ugly and no one would like him. Then one day hears Roopa singing religious songs in the temple and meets her. As they continue to meet, both fall in love each other while Rajeev had no idea about the facial disfigurement of Roopa. Roopa did not tell him anything wither as she was scared of losing the only love of her life and kept Rajeev in dark. Rajeev falling deeper and deeper in Roopa’s loves goes to her father one day and seeks his permission to marry Roopa.

Roopa’s Father happily agrees as He knew they both loved each other and all He could ask for was the happiness of her daughter. After getting married, Rajeev gets to know about the reality of Roopa and He thinks that she is not the girl he fell in love with and this was all a plan to cheat him. Disappointed and frustrated both, He kicks Roopa out of his house while Roopa pleaded and begged him to believe that she is the same girl he fell in love with and she did not cheat.

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The Music of Hollywood Films. 
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Desperate for her love Roopa decides to meet her husband daily in the night with her face covered. Rajeev with this supposedly different girl falls in love and they start to meet every night. One day Roopa realizes that she is pregnant. Rajeev, when gets to know about this, suspects her again of cheating as he did not know that Roopa and that girl are the same people. Then one day, due to heavy rain, the dam breaks out and everything gets washed away in the rain. There Rajeev realizes how wrong he had been and saves her wife Roopa from the flood and gets her back to his home.

There are many archetypes and stereotypes displayed in the movie.

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