The Need for Anti Fascist Education in Israel Now

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on The Need for Anti Fascist Education in Israel Now. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Thus, “there is a dire need to revise the pro-fascist educational policy that has been in existence in Israel for about five decades.” (Hakim, J. 1995) It is discernible that there are still some elements of racism, ethnocentricity, xenophobia, and militarism present in the educational policy and educational system in Israel. There is a need for an ideology of anti-fascism for children at the various levels of the educational institutions. According to Charles F. Dalzell and Harper Rowe, “Israeli students have to be shown the light of the day. The fascist education policy has done more harm than good to the overall reputation and image of Israeli youth in the world.” (Dalzell, C. F.& Harper Rowe, 1970)

It is also of great importance to incorporate a curriculum for the study of anti-fascism into the Israeli educational system, as is the practice in some European countries like England (with the BNP), France (with La Pen) and Austria (with Heider). An assumption implicit in anti-racist education is that students who learn about racism and who subsequently come to hold anti-racist attitudes will tend to act in accordance with those attitudes. The existence of countervailing forces leading such students to active or passive complicity in racism seems never to have been acknowledged in the anti-racist literature. This lacuna is difficult to fathom in view of the interest shown by psychologists and historians of the Holocaust in bystander behavior and conformity to the peer group. In order to increase the likelihood of students taking action against racism, it is argued that antiracist educators should heed the lessons of the Holocaust and adopt measures aimed specifically at preventing bystander behavior and conformity to peer gro

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The Need for Anti Fascist Education in Israel Now
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