The Negative Effects of Atomic Bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. 

During that time, the general feeling among the Americans was that the bombings were necessary to bring a swift ending to World War II thereby averting the further death of American soldiers. Indeed the American people rejoiced the bombings unabashedly since the common belief was that the bombings could not be avoided (Kagan, 1995, p.17).

An event of a disaster can be studied using a Social Constructionist Approach where social, political and cultural aspects are taken into consideration. Although the reasons behind why American had taken a decision to drop such disastrous bombs in two of the most economically important cities in Japan are still a matter of debate. The most common view that America wanted to end the war soon to prevent further casualties comprises murky controversies. According to critics, their views are based on three major premises. First, Japan was already in a state of defeat in 1945 and the country’s leaders were well aware of the situation. Second, being aware of Japan’s weakening condition there was a complete possibility that its leaders would have agreed to surrender in the summer of the same year. Third, America was fully aware of Japan’s impending decision to surrender because America had been able to decode Japanese diplomatic messages. Critics have come up with several plausible reasons behind America’s decision of the bombings. the most prominent ones emphasizing Washington’s strategy to scare the Soviet Union who had raged war against Japan in order to establish US dominance afterward (Frank, 2005, p.20).

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The Negative Effects of Atomic Bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. 
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Keeping in mind the ensuing public debates and decades of scholarly research surrounding the most infamous event in the modern history, it can be stated that Truman’s decision can never be justified in a politically correct manner.&nbsp.

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