The of Claireece Precious Jones

The of Claireece Precious Jones. Your paper should be a minimum of 1000 words in length. As the social worker, one would document the manner by which a response has been applied in Precious’ case through interview questions and intervention that occurred. Likewise, the services rendered and one’s recommendation for services would be expounded. Finally, one would note what would have been done differently from the perspective of a social worker and the lessons learned from the case study would be presented.

&nbsp.Sexual Abuse: Precious’ father sexually abuses her which had already previously resulted in her giving birth to a daughter with Down syndrome. At the scene, she was found to be pregnant again at 16 years of age.

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&nbsp.Verbal Abuse: Precious’ mother, Mary, was observed to have bombarded her constantly with verbal abuse for having allegedly stolen her man (Precious’ father who sexually abuses her) and for being fat and dumb. Her constantly berating Precious undermines her capability to assert her identity as a person, as well as a productive student.

&nbsp.The formal supports for Precious were the social worker from social welfare, Ms. Weiss. the teacher from alternative school, Mr. Blue Rain. the nursing aide, John, who took care of her medical needs, especially her nutritional needs during her stay at the hospital. and the halfway house where she and her son (Abdul) stayed after she runs away from her mother. The informal supports were her classmates at the alternative school, who eventually provided her with emotional and psychological support (especially with their presence when she gave birth to her second child, a son). and her grandmother, who took custody of her eldest daughter.


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