The Persons Unique Characteristic

Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: The Persons Unique Characteristic. The assumption that race and ethnicity are merely biological traits is utterly mistaken. Human categories such as gender and sexual orientation are often subjected to intense debates, especially gender orientation, whether they are natural or nurtured, and if there is a correlation between genes and gender orientation, the environment, and gender orientation. Later on, an elaborative analysis shall be taken to explain whether, if indeed, race, sex, and gender orientation appeal to some biological influences. This paper shall also attempt to provide consequential and pertinent corroborations that should clarify some mistaken understandings in so far as the issues on biological influences in the race, sex, and gender orientation are concerned.

Race “was a presumably biological feature that an individual had, but was composed of disparate elements that might contradict one another within a single body” (Marks 108). Thus, race cannot be identified solely by its biological aspects, but certain conditions should be considered, such as the social and cultural influences to race. Furthermore, regardless of its characteristics, whether inherent or developed, race should yet be expressed clearly. The different notions regarding race provide extensive and important supposition.

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The Persons Unique Characteristic
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The race is frequently labeled according to population consistent with common physical physiognomies. The race has been conventionally considered to classify the population according to communal biological traits like genes, hair, eyes, and other apparent physical features (Drewnowski et al. 2211). While race expresses a common characteristic among several people, it is used profoundly to emphasize cultural and social characteristics and not biological influences (Drewnowski et al. 2211). Therefore, attempts to study the biological influences in the race are&nbsp.something that is not feasible.

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