The Pictorial Presentation

The Pictorial Presentation. As the paper highlights because of these reasons, Darren was feeling that it is highly unethical to change the artwork of a country, change the tradition (involving men whereas traditionally it’s being done by the females) and satisfy them by just paying a handsome amount. Traditions and artifacts mostly represent the people of country, their rituals, history, important events etc. Changing the artifacts and traditions means changing the base of the country.

This study outlines that generally, ethics are considered important for the success of any business. Basically ethics and seven step model recommends the concept of righteous of action. Righteous of action means that any task you do for any one it should be trustful. It should meet all required obligations. Every thing or deal made should be crystal clear. &nbsp.One should make decisions regardless of differences of religion, age, sex and position. Ethics highly recommend the fair decisions, sense of responsibility of each other. Thus, ethical decisions should be made by keeping these all facts in mind. According to the seven step model, an organization should be trustful with its customers, internal and external members of the organization. If the company does not do this. it would be ethically wrong. Here, Darren should be trustful with Puna Native American’s. He should tell them the pros and cons of doing this commitment with the Artifacts, LTD i.e. tell Puna Native American’s that societies, countries became weak when their basic cultural symbols are change. Whereas, he did not did that as his boss wanted him to do so for the Fredrick and the profit of the company. According to the model Darren should motivate Fredrick and her boss to think on some other idea or plan.

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