The Politics of European Union Health Policies.

I will pay for the following article The Politics of European Union Health Policies. The work is to be 5 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. Food supply would also be not affected as it relies majorly on agriculture productivity. I will also ensure that ecosystems would not be disrupted due to rising water temperatures as this causes ranging of habitat for various fish species.

Additionally, I would ensure that livestock may not be affected by heat stress and reduction in their feeds’ quality. The growth of various crops would not be affected due to changes in agricultural technologies and agricultural production practices. The impacts on crop yield may cause changes in the world export market since prices would vary according to the crop yields’ quality. Therefore, I would increase water bodies’ level due to global warming as this may cause a ruction in the size of land for agricultural production around water bodies. This would directly impact agricultural production in a reduction manner of output.

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The Politics of European Union Health Policies.
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Weather conditions have a great effect on people’s lives as health is concerned. The effects of harsh weather conditions may occur directly, but the indirect occurrence may also be observed through the effects of disease-causing microorganisms. Extreme temperatures expose human health to great risk, such that excessive cold can lead to death due to long term exposure. Cite effects observed as a result of extreme heat include heat edema and heat stroke, which can also lead to death if the victim is not attended to at the right time. These effects are more dangerous to the elderly. Adverse weather conditions also affect people indirectly through affecting human resources like fisheries, agriculture and water. Humidity controls high temperatures, thereby regulating normal body functions to some comfort level. The adverse effect of humidity is that it can favor the reproduction and survival of viruses, parasites and other disease-causing microorganisms. Due to the common being headaches and onset of other weather-related diseases, sudden weather changes have resulted in body complications. Wind as a weather condition leads to the transfer of disease agents like insect vectors when they are blown from one region to another.&nbsp.

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