The Raging Debate on GM Foods.

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on The Raging Debate on GM Foods. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. It is this gene transfer that risk assessors use to determine whether such organisms would be fit for human consumption. Shaw also observes that such crops undergo biochemical changes with the insertion and expression of alien cells (278). As such, a difference would be observed in the metabolites occurring in GM and non-GM crops. It is for this reason that GM foods would be subjected to extensive testing to ensure the risks associated with such modifications are kept on the low. GM foods face intense criticisms but have much to benefit in feeding the increasing world population.

Critics of GM foods observe that interfering with genes could have adverse effects on human health even to future generations. D. Freedman cites critics who wonder why scientists are pushing the GM technology when it is obvious that introducing a gene into a varied genome causes a reaction (85). This reaction could occur gradually and be expressed in future generations as the introduced gene adopts different positions and characteristics from that which was intended at its introduction to the crop (Shaw 279). Indeed, studies have been conducted on animals such as rats to support the negative effects of GM foods on humans. Cancer and Alzheimer’s disease have been noted as possible consequences of taking in GM foods. However, such studies have been criticized for failure to adopt clear research methodologies with further criticisms on the use of subjects not likened to humans and the use of GM crops not meant for human consumption.

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Secondly, GM foods are known to be harmful to humans but microbiologists seek to promote their interests by showing support for the technology. D. Freedman observes that these scientists seek to ensure that they continue to receive funding, the majority of which comes from companies selling GM foods (85). Such funding favors those researchers seeking to explore further how to encourage the applications of genetic modification in modern agriculture.

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