The Secular speaking art died as a result, of rhetoric.

Need an research paper on rhetoric. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism. The Secular speaking art died as a result, of rhetoric. Rhetoric was transformed to focus more on logic and grammar. Education curriculum drifted from practical domain to a narrow intellectual one. Classical learning suffered from excessively practical focus and became fossilized. The content of classical learning became wrenched out of context. Despite the continuities, there were dramatic ideological and technological developments that influenced how rhetoric was received and disseminated. Printing press invention facilitated the quick and widespread dissemination of different texts (Toye 22).

This chapter depicts that rhetoric involves much more than the arrangement of speech figures to develop a good impression on the listeners. On many occasions, places, and times rhetoric is viewed as a complete educational system that is enough to prepare the leaders for their governing task. At the same time, some critics also perceive it as a method through which the unscrupulous people who want to be leaders deceive the public. It is assumed that people employ rhetoric just to move the masses yet they have incompetent leadership qualities. In this chapter, Toye points out that power relations, culture, determine how rhetoric is received, and technology levels in society. As much as overtime some techniques have appeared to be perennially effective there is no formula or set of rules that assure success. The attempts and efforts to lay down such rules are characterized by assumptions on topics like gender, class, and race. This reveals why the rhetoric investigation is a relevant starting point in understanding political and social questions (Toye 24).

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The Secular speaking art died as a result, of rhetoric.
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Chapter 2. Scaffolding of Rhetoric

This chapter mainly involves the description of various significant rhetoric methods. It refers to the key rhetoric methods that were well known in the ancient world and are still used in the modern world. The three oratory branches are. deliberative rhetoric, forensic/judicial rhetoric, and epidemic/display rhetoric. Despite the speech being epideictic, deliberative, or forensic, it is bound to involve an appeal of. pathos-emotion, ethos-character, or logos- logic. Aristotle identified these categories.

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