The Site-Based School Budget.

I will pay for the following article The Site-Based School Budget. The work is to be 5 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. A site-based school system refers to the school budgeting process’s decentralization to the respective school principals. Under this system, the entire budget process is left in the hands of the school principal. As the administrator, the principal is given the mandate to prepare, implement, and account for the school revenue. This is quite different from the centralized budgetary system in which the whole process requires the active participation of the relevant entity such as the Ministry of Education. Here, the school principal collaborates with the school board to identify the school’s revenue sources and comes up with a budget on how to spend it to run the school and accomplish its objectives.

This implies that the principal is the chief budgetary officer within his or her institution. However, as an administrator, he or she is obliged to liaise with other stakeholders, including the school management board, vice-principal, departmental heads, subject teachers, and the members of all the departments within the institution (Varian, H.R., 2007). It is these people who know whatever project they need to initiate or complete in their departments. Since school is an institution that constitutes different staff categories, the principal needs to encourage teamwork to eliminate any conflict that might arise from the budget allocations. Each of the departments within the school system should be adequately funded.

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As already highlighted, a school is an institution that consists of several stakeholders: school management board principals, teachers, auxiliary staff, parents, and the school community. To draft a good budget, each of these stakeholders should be involved. Although controlled by the principal, the entire budget-making process should be inclusive. It should include the input of representatives from all the departments in the school. This is the best way through which the interests of these diverse groups should be catered for.

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