The Theory of Career Development and Management.

 The Theory of Career Development and Management. It needs to be at least 2250 words. In the past, it was a common belief that a career was restricted to work commitment to a single trade skill business firm or company for the entirety of the working life of a post-school adult (Wee, 2014, p. 593). However, recently, there has been a shift with careers now including alterations or changes in employment during the foreseeable prosperity. Career management entails an interplay of a variety of factors that include the development of overall goals and objectives, strategy development and development of particular means. It also involves a systemic evaluation of the progress towards selected goals achievement (Maiden, 2014, p. 100). Currently, there are numerous economic theories available that analyse career development and management. No single one is sufficient to describe the vast field of career development and management. This paper tries to provide a critical analysis by scrutinizing at least two career theories. This paper will focus on two career theories, Super’s theory and Gottfredson’s theory.

One prominent theory in the process of career management is Super’s self-development concept Theory of Career development and management. Super suggested that the management of one’s career required the development of that career. To advance career development, he suggested that career choice and development is essentially a process of the development and implementation of an individual’s self-concept (Bluestein, 2014, 219). Self-concept alludes to the product of complex interplay and integration of a number of factors that include mental and physical growth, an individual’s experiences and environmental characteristics and stimulation. Super’s initial theory involved a presumption that there is a mechanism (perhaps organic) that acted behind the process of development and self-maturation.

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Recent research material in the same theory emphasizes more on the impact of social context and reciprocal influence between the environment and the individual.&nbsp.&nbsp.

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