The usa involvement in mali conflict

The reason that could support the USA involvement in the Malian conflict is the fact that Mali has been identified as an emerging new hub for terrorism (Teichmann, 2013). Reports have indicated that the al-Qaeda wing that is operating in Mali was responsible for the Algerian attacks, which greatly impacted on the country, and caused it a great deal of instability. The effect of the war in Mali, courtesy of the Jihadist and other militant rebels can already be felt, to a significant level. The United Nations agency that handles refugees has been calling for an international community engagement in resolving the conflict, citing the Humanitarian crisis that has been experienced in the country since the war began. According to UNHCR, hundreds of thousands of the Malian population in the northern region have been displaced, while many others have been killed in the conflict and yet more others abused (Watt & Harding, 2013). This concern raises the need for the USA to consider engaging in the Malian conflict, just to help bring the war to a speedy end, and thus help to rescue millions of the Malian civilians who are suffering in the hands of the militants, as well as those being displaced and committed to suffer as refugees in the neighboring countries. According to the UNHCR statistics, more than 150,000 people have been forced to flee out of Mali, while another 230,000 are now living as internally displaced persons within the country (Perry, 2013). This trend is alarming, following the consideration that it is the international community that is responsible for giving aid to such people, through the international humanitarian agencies, such as the UNHCR.&nbsp.

The rebels and the insurgent militants have also given the USA more reasons to engage in the Malian conflict. The Jihadists and the Rebels have been involved in taking hostages most of the people from the western powers living or serving in Mali, as the aids assistants to the people who are affected by the war (Huff Post, 2013).

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The usa involvement in mali conflict
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