The Welding Technique of Diffusion Bonding

Provide a 5 pages analysis while answering the following question: The Welding Technique of Diffusion Bonding. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Heatric initially developed this technique around the 1980s. Diffusion Bonding attaches together all the flow plates that are found in a Heatric Stack through the application of extremely high temperatures and pressures. The structural model of this technique does not allow any melting channels or deformation and therefore ensures that the models are completely bonded in the stack. In the Diffusion Bonding process, there is no brazing flux or metallic filers are applied to fill in the gaps between the plates. The resultant outcome of this process is high-intensity solid blocks of the original metallic sheets that contain the internal flow channels passing through the core of the metallic blocks.

The Diffusion Bonding technique is applied to a number of industrial productions. This process of bonding provides numerous advantages, the main advantage is that it provides stronger bonding lines than other techniques. Sometimes, engineers equate the bonding line strength of this method to base metals. The Microstructure of the bonding line has the same atomic properties as the parent metals. Conversely, the Diffusion Bonding technique requires a strictly confined environment to operate. The technique demands that surfaces be cleaned thoroughly and be smoothened completely to free them from oxides and other impurities. It also needs very high levels of temperatures to facilitate the process of diffusion.

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The Welding Technique of Diffusion Bonding
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In this technique, the strength of the bonded materials is achieved by way of applying pressure during the process of bonding. Strength is additionally attained through the application of extremely high temperatures and the period allowed for contact. Diffusion is the main contributor to the strength rather than any deformation of plastic materials. The fusion segment of the process additionally deals with high-temperature flow characteristics and refined grain sizes.

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