Third-party behavior.

Complete 2 pages APA formatted article: Third-party behavior. Task: Introduction The issue of failure to criminalize a third party who fails to report to the ity, or prevent the crime from occurring has been on the rise. The reason behind this occurrence is the many catastrophic consequences associated with it. Evidently, the majority of the crimes noted in the world could not have occurred in case of the adoption of some precautionary measures, or if such criminals were reported to the authority (Cochran, et al. 208). It is therefore. evident that third parties are responsible for the commitment of crimes such as prostitution, public intoxication, as well as the drug abuse.

Criminalizing of a third party

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Third-party behavior.
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Sources have revealed that in the Criminal Justice System (CJS), methods applied in the crime prevention and reduction is inefficient. For instance, in the most cases, the CJS acts only when a crime occurs or is discovered by the respective authority. Surprisingly, they take act only if the crime detection procedure and the investigation culminate into the identification of a suspect and a decision to charge them with an offense (Cochran, et al. 77). It is, therefore necessary to implement a well-outlined procedural way of preventing and reducing the occurrence of such crimes. Therefore, I do not believe in criminalizing a third party who fails to react by stopping, reporting or preventing the occurrence of the crime.

Nature of the criminalized crime

Since the nature of the crime differs, criminalizing a third party can only occur depending with its intensity. The US constitution, which is the supreme law, allows people some freedom to act provided one fails to meddle with others rights (Harr and Hess 23). Therefore, some actions like prostitution and public-intoxication cannot result to the criminalization of a third party who fails to report or prevent the occurrence of such a crime. In brief, the nature of crime determines whether to criminalize a third party for inaction.

Circumstances of criminalizing the behavior

In some circumstances, the behavior of the third party calls for criminology. For instance, the third party may give moral, material, or financial support (Gibson and Cavanido 20). In addition to the provision of such a support, the third party may refuse to take actions, after witnessing the suffering of either party. The CJS should thus consider some issues before the initiation of the third party criminalization process. It is thus a duty of the CJS to device a well-outlined procedure to follow for the criminalization of a third party.


Since the third party has profound responsibility in most of the crimes committed, it is therefore, a duty of the CJS to conduct its investigation efficiently. This is in the effort to establish the truth on who is responsible for the crime conducted. It should therefore. devise a system of identifying extent of control the third party has over a crime. The idea of the CJS failing to penalize the third party for not taking actions demands some moderation. As a result, improvements in the administration of justice will be on the rise. Finally, the number of criminal cases would diminish.

Works cited

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