Time has flown by and it has almost been close to two months

Time has flown by and it has almost been close to two months since I enrolled in the management I have already given my first exam and that experience helped me realize that memorizing the content will not be useful. rather the most important thing would be to understanding the concept behind each subject. Hence the classes have not only enabled me to learn the subject but have also helped me improve my overall personality.

The most impressive class was when we had a discussion about whom we considered to be a leader in our real lives. This interactive session turned out to be very interesting and for which we were grouped into 5 members each. The definition provided for leadership was the act of influencing others toward a goal. During the session most of the students found leaders in their parents, professors or other tutors and coaches. Through this discussion I learnt that it was important for students to have real life leaders as we can gain immense knowledge from them and their experiences will help us learn several life lessons.

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Time has flown by and it has almost been close to two months
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In addition to this I also learnt the formula for performance which was equal to ability plus motivation. Both these elements were required in order to bring out our best performance both in academics and in life. In case ability is absent, any amount of motivation will not matter. however when someone has outstanding ability but is not sufficiently motivated then their performance is bound to be affected. In order to build our ability every individual requires an aptitude or interest towards a task, and a right amount of training and resources that will improve their ability in a given task. Along with the above constant motivation will increase their desire and commitment towards the task. Motivation will help to build desire and interest towards the work and lead to goal-directed behavior. In short, when people desire something and are sufficiently motivated towards achieving it, they would automatically take all the actions that would lead them to their goal and remain committed towards it. Furthermore there are four main factors that are required for motivation namely ability, resource, information and support.

For the rest of my management class I intend to be more committed and perform to the best of my ability. For instance, I should work towards understanding the content in the textbooks rather than merely memorizing them. I have come to realize that the sole purpose of education is not about getting high grades. rather it is about gaining as much knowledge as we can about a subject and putting it to practical use. With this intention I have decided to allocate sometime every day to understand the concept and review the power point slides after each class. In case of any difficulty in understanding the concept, I intend to approach my professor’s and clarify my doubts regarding the same. Through these actions I believe that I would be able to achieve my goal of understanding my subject and using the knowledge gained later in life.

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