Topology design & layout

The company will also need two WWW servers so that one is for its internal management and another for external users. Furthermore, a mail server will also be crucial in this case. For the sake of ABC company security, it is crucial that outsiders should not gain access to the internal CVS or internal WWW servers whatsoever. For a start-up open source software company as the company ABC, it would be a great challenge to fully implement an effectively secured network. In this study we therefore purpose to realize the company with the above specifications. Below is a graphical representation of the network design layout.

It is very risky running an entire company on a personal computer. The ABC Company needs to watch over servers that handle the web based systems with advanced expertise. Such servers in this case include CVS and WWW servers. In terms of security assumptions, it is important for the company to make its security appear good as argued by Cheswick et al (2003) that this is enough to deter attackers. It is also important to make simple security arrangement since complex things are harder to comprehend and might even be nightmare to their designer (Cheswick et al, 2003, pp.5). For a young company as ABC, it would be inappropriate to use huge security-sensitive programs because in most cases such programs have acted as sources of security problems. Furthermore, the companys network designer must keep security assumptions in mind and see to it that the security is an integral part of the original design.

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Topology design & layout
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Let us begin by considering this typical policy: Internal users are trusted, and with permitted Internet access they are able to initiate ongoing TCP connections, issue DNS queries, be able to run ping trace-route and set their clock aided by external time server (Cheswick et al, 2003, pp.5). Secondly, the outsiders should not be able to initiate access to the internal world.

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