Transport Assessment.

Provide a 9 pages analysis while answering the following question: Transport Assessment. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Edinburgh’s contribution to meeting the overall strategic housing land requirement is 26,900 houses in the period 2009 – 2024. This means that around 1793 additional homes should be built each year and 8,965 homes over five years. Scottish Planning Policy indicates that LDPs should ensure there is enough housing land to provide a minimum five-year effective supply at all times. Edinburgh’s supply of housing land will be monitored through the annual housing audit and will comprise LDP housing proposals, sites already under construction, and sites with planning permission.

The plan aims to ensure that housing development on the sites emerges during the planning period, provides for quite a number of needs of housing, meets climate change and sustainable development objectives, and is of high quality in terms of site layout and design. It also includes policies to ensure development doesn’t detract from the appearance of or cause nuisance or disturbance in existing housing areas

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Getting around Edinburgh is easy. It’s a compact city explorable in an easy way on foot along the various streets and the dean paths using a bicycle or using the local bus network found on some of the roads such as A902, A720, A1, A90 and many more. The Belford roads also cover most parts of the city.

One is also able to explore the wider Lothian region using good train and bus services. The travel to Edinburgh & the Lothians is made convenient and quick by all users due to the extensive road, rail and flight links.

There has also been a development on the corridors and the greenways of the bus. The major greenways include the following: A8 Glasgow Road – Maybury road to Princes Street, A900 Leith Walk – Leith road to Princes Street, A702 Lothian Road – Leven Street road to Princes Street, A70 Slateford Road –Inglis Green Road to Haymarket, A71 Calder Road – City Bypass road to Ardmillan

Edinburgh has an international airport (Turnhouse). The airport is located on an A8 trunk road, 8 miles to the western side of the center of the city, the airport serves as the principal international gateway to the city, and it’s also the busiest airport in Scotland.

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