Two page analysis of The Hole in the Gospel, by Richard Stearns

 Two page analysis of The Hole in the Gospel, by Richard Stearns. Use one page to analyze the book ; then Select one key theme/idea in the book that can be used in a church and explain why (one paragraph) and how the church should use it. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Analysis of the book: Hole in our Gospel is a book by Stearns1, and it gives a challenge to the American believers to rethink the messages contained in the gospel. Stearns approach in this book is to teach the eternal salvation based on faith, and reclaim the neglected concepts of victory and fullness that will come through the Kingdom of God, manifested here on earth. According to Stearns, in the efforts of evangelists to make the teachings contained in the gospel easily understood, they have managed to simplify the gospel, focusing on how to save people from going to hell, in their next life. Due to focusing on saving people from hell, the discipleship and participation in Gods redemptive work has been short changed2.

It is the desire of Stearns to create a broad understanding of evangelism and the gospel while proclaiming it to the entire world. On this basis, Stearns wants to depict the American Christians actively involved in the preaching of the eternal salvation of mankind, and also bringing the victory of Christ to the oppressed in the society, as well as relief to the poor people of the society. This book by Stearns is based on the scriptures, and it focuses mainly on the teachings of Jesus about the Kingdom of God, the prophet’s condemnation of the sins of the Israelites, and also about the gospels3. In developing this book, Stearns manages to quote a whole passage in the bible, and these forces a reader to confront and understand it. This also helps him to avoid taking some ideas out of context, while explaining them.

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Two page analysis of The Hole in the Gospel, by Richard Stearns
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Thematic Connotation:

One idea denoted in the book is faith, and faith can be defined as substance of things hoped for. To successfully live a Christian life, there must be faith. The reason as to why faith is important is because it is the main idea upon which the beliefs of a Christian faith are founded. Faith in God is a fundamental requirement for an individual to become a child of God. In fact, one of the pioneers of Judaism that is Abraham is always referred to as the father of faith4. This is because he believed God for a son, despite the number of years he had lived. Other heroes of the bible also walked in faith, and an example includes Gideon, Moses, Peter, Paul and even Jesus Christ himself.

It is important to denote that before Christ did a miracle. he looked at the faith of the person who needed a miracle. In our Christian churches, we need to walk in faith. This is if we want to have a manifestation of the powers of God. For Christians to acquire faith, there is a need of reading the bible, attending church seminars, and gatherings5. This is because faith is always acquired by hearing the word of God, and the testimonies of the believers. Through faith, Christians will be able to survive the numerous temptations that occur because of their beliefs.


Stearns, R. (2009). The hole in our Gospel. Nashville, Tenn.: Thomas Nelson.

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