Underlying value of human resource management activities.

The process of training and development within an organization starts from the recruitment process where many organizations have pre-developed training modules for their new hires to ensure that a candidate can adjust through their training program to company needs (Landale, 1999).

In recent times, human resource development within many organizations has taken up a major role in the overall development of the firm. Key elements that have matured in the past decade in people resourcing have been flexible hours, flexible pay structures, performance evaluations, and cultural development. However, without an organization’s investment in human capital through training and development, key resources within an organization could become stagnant and even be seen as useless over a period of time. Effective training and development within organizations has assisted people resourcing activities by delivering positive business objectives, achieving administrative excellence and acting as a champion for people management (Gilley & Eggland, 1989).

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Underlying value of human resource management activities.
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Training and development within an organization is usually taken up to initiate performance improvement in an employee or a group of employees. It is further on used as a tool to benchmark the status of the effort initiated for performance improvement (Pilbeam & Corbridge, 1992). Once effectively completed within the framework of an overall professional development program, training and development roles on succession planning can help employees to be earmarked as eligible for a better role within the company. More reasons to deploy a training and development program can include the testing of a new operations program or a new management system or even train individuals to handle a specific situation within the company (McLagan, 1989).


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