Understanding Mexicans and Americans.

Need help with my writing homework on Understanding Mexicans and Americans. Write a 1250 word paper answering; Personal beliefs are influenced by various factors and they will determine whether people will positively interact with a specific culture. It is important to focus on the Mexican- American belief and interact with it to ensure a positive atmosphere.

Culture has internal and external components. These components will determine whether culture has a positive impact on the surrounding. The internal environment interacts freely with a given culture. The external components react differently to given cultures. The reaction could be influenced by conflicting beliefs and practices. The other factor could be based on a personal attitude. The manner in which a person perceives a given culture will influence both the internal and external environments. Positive interaction is effective given the cross-cultural approach applied by different environments. The human service approach requires a positive attitude towards a given culture. The essay will focus on the American Mexican- Americans culture. The aim would be to use the external environment to judge the culture within the Mexican- Americans settings. Culture could be a tool used to enhance service delivery. The knowledge of a second culture would be essential. The nature of judgment would tell if a person would adjust while working within the Mexican- Americans culture.

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Understanding Mexicans and Americans.
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Language is a major component in the Mexican- Americans culture. The language is used as a distinctive feature among the group. The people value their language and are a strong component. The culture perceives language as the only component to be used to identify people from within the culture and those originating from other cultures. The assimilated population tends to be use language to identify them with the Mexican- Americans culture. The culture tends to align based on language and perceive those speaking the language to be brothers (Telles & Ortiz, 2008). The society developed by the language factor tends to work within the culture&nbsp.given the unity and society based approach used by members (Kahan, et al, 2007).

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