Understanding the growth of new york

Trollope and Dickens, focus on the way the people and their lifestyle but while Dickens presents the people as he sees them all scattered around the city’s streets, Trollope tries to analyze their domestic habits and ways of living. She picks at the habit of changing houses annually especially if one lived in a rented place and the specific day when this was customary. She also throws a critical eye at the lack of dining habits especially the presence of gender discrimination present at the dinners comprising of only gentlemen. She describes the houses where unlike London they had dining and drawing rooms on the same floor. She is analytical while Dickens is observant and gives us the facts as they are instead of analyzing too much in depth. She compares New York with London, unlike Dickens who also compares the city with Boston. Trollope explores the city with some memories of the period of slavery and hence when she sees the negroes or Afro Americans visiting the churches or on the streets, she imagines the impact of misery which they still carried in their appearances. He mentions in this respect the filthy slum area of Five Points. Foster also takes up this area for his study in detail. Like Trollope, Dickens also moves to some incorporate some imagination and comparison when he describes the harsh life of the streets and compares the people’s ways of living with that of pigs. The description of ill-treatment of the prisoners at The Tombs is left to the readers for comparison with the way a pig walks down the streets like a philosopher despite knowing his fate of turning into flesh any moment. Dickens is daring and experimental where he voices his view through the grunt of the pig “Such is life: all flesh is pork!” He compares the inhuman treatment of the prisoners to that of England. For instance, the old man to be tried for execution was not allowed to breath even once in the fresh air outside. Even the peoples waiting to be tried and the children were not spared. The description of the pig’s way of living is symbolic and perhaps comparable with those of the poor and wretched ones who loiter the streets without work and food.

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Understanding the growth of new york
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