Undocumented Immigrants: Legal and Ethical Issues.

Case Study Undocumented Immigrants

Case Study New Immigrants

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 Undocumented Immigrants: Legal and Ethical Issues.
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The first thing that would be important for this family would be that they find an interpreter who would help them understand the process involved and what could happen to them. Without an interpreter it would be difficult to move forward with this family, unless I as the community nurse already knew their language. We can assume that they are Spanish speaking for this case study. Each family member would need some type of ID. According to Long (2012) this could be done through the Department of Motor Vehicles. The parents would need the driver’s license or ID to document who they are and where they live. Since they are homeless, they would need some type of ID to gain access to other services. To help them with their shelter, food and clothing, I would refer them to Catholic Charities. Catholic Charities is a place where people can go to get food, find a place to live, and they have a variety of other services. According to their website they “from the point of conception through the last stages of their lives” (para. 2). This referral would insure that they receive the care that they need on all levels. Catholic Charities would take the family in, assess their needs, and then help them gain what was needed.

Legal and Ethical Issues

The family is illegal so the community nurse would have to make sure that there were programs that helped illegal or “undocumented” immigrants. Some cities do not provide this care. The nurse would need to make sure that they were not overstepping their boundaries as a community nurse to provide these services. House Bill1969 the, “Immigration Law Enforcement Act” provided legislation that said that illegal immigrants who are not registered would be arrested and detain people who did not have a resident permit, those who hired them, and anyone who was caught “transporting, moving, concealing, harboring or shielding unlawful aliens (Born, 2011, para. 4).”

Evidence Based Plan

Each member of the family will need medical assistance. The mother will need prenatal careand follow-up. The father will need a referral to a mental health facility. I would recommend____ because they have a large number of services in our area. The four year old will need ongoing healthcare for his asthma and respiratory challenges.The grandmother will need geriatric services and help with her diabetes. The community health association will help the family with their medical needs and this will turn into an opportunity for the family to grow in the United States.


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