Use of Skeleton Steel Frame Structure On New Factory.

Provide a 2 pages analysis while answering the following question: Use of Skeleton Steel Frame Structure On New Factory. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. USE OF SKELETON STEEL FRAME STRUCTURE ON NEW FACTORY Of Skeleton Steel Frame Structure

A building methodology that consists of the skeleton frame with vertical columns and horizontal T-Beams is the skeleton frame structure. In addition, skeleton frame has a rectangular grid that provides the support for the floors, roofs and the walls that have an attachment to the frame (Ward, 2008).

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Use of Skeleton Steel Frame Structure On New Factory.
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2. Size Of The Skeleton Frame On The New Factory Design

The standard size of a skeleton frame structure for the new factory design will entail the below specifications:

Length = 63,400

Width = 18,400)

Braced = Every 3000

Height = 9,400)

3. Benefits of Using a Skeleton Steel Frame

Strength and Resilience

Steel offers one of the options of the strongest building material so far. Due to this fact, steel frames structures can withstand hurricanes, earthquakes and other natural disasters without compromising the safety of the building frame (Ward, 2008).


Steel is resistant to damage brought biological organisms such as termites and even destructions brought by fire. The instance offers the advantage of treating wooden materials instead of the steel materials. As result, it avoids heavy expenses involved in building and construction process (Ward, 2008).

Quick Assembly

Assemblage of steel materials is very efficient and faster since manufacturers of the materials design them in a manner that they just fix and join with each other. As result, it saves time of redesigning the joints for the materials.


Unlike wooden materials used in building, steel materials have a high degree of accuracy. For instance, their edges once measured and cut according to the specifications wanted, do not always peel off unlike wood or plastic materials (Ward, 2008).

4. Why Choose Frame Structure

Steel structures have their versatility feature that gives the architectures the choice to attain most of their objectives during building and construction process. For instance, steel forms an important building material in stadia, shopping structures, commercial buildings, steel cladding systems, landmark structures, and other possible areas that steel can provide the best option in constructing it (Ward, 2008).

Since steel is strong and durable, it, in this case, emerges as one of the sustainable construction materials. It isalso possible to recycle steel materials and as a result making it enhances sustainability in building and construction (Ward, 2008).

Steel structures also offer to the manufactures its choice of flexibility. In this case, steel becomes advantageous to manufacturers due its lightweight, open and the airy spaces. As a result, it makes possible for the steel to withstand disturbances with little costs incurred in its maintenance.

5. Methods Used On The Steel For Fire Protection

Protection of steel against fire involves using the passive fire protection method. The method facilitates the insulation of the structures from the effects of high temperatures from the fire. However, passive method involves two types. on reactive type and the reactive type. Reactive method involves the use of thin film intumescent coating that also can entail either offsite or onsite application (Ward, 2008).


Ward, G. (2008). The Grove Encyclopedia Of Materials And Techniques In Art. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

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