Use of Technology In Your Chosen Profession

Technology can be used to achieve better work performance in all professions. It saves time and resources that can be channeled to other uses. This essay focuses on how technology can be used in my chosen profession as a pilot.

Technology is significantly used in the design, manufacture, and operation of aircrafts, large or small. Through the use of computer aided designs, aeronautical engineers are able to design aircrafts with features that enable it to be safe and economical to fly [ICA10] (search engine: Google. key words: technology in the manufacture of aircraft). After the design is done, manufacturing is done with computer simulations on how the plane will perform under different flying conditions. The aircraft is improved and molded before the final testing to be licensed as safe to fly. Technology is used to develop sophisticated security systems to enable pilots detect abnormalities during flight and avert disaster. Even when a plane crash has occurs. data recorders kept in the plane’s black box are consulted to trace the origin of the crash [ICA10]. Such information is vital as it can be used to design new safety features or to avoid crashes due to similar reasons.

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Use of Technology In Your Chosen Profession
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Pilots use technology for communication while flying. Flying is a high risk activity and pilots need to be in constant communication with flight control teams to report flight progress and show if there is any problem. Flight control teams use radar and satellite technology to track aircrafts. Whenever a plane is lost midair, the ground control teams are able to detect it immediately and take appropriate and timely action to try and find the plane to rescue survivors. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to find survivors due to the impact of plane crashes that usually occur in the sea where passengers drown before any help can get to them. Pilots also use technology to entertain their passengers and make announcements to them regarding the flight. Technology is also used to enhance safety in the airline industry generally. Through the use of computer technology, airport personnel are able to ensure that planes do not collide midair or at the airport.

A job advert for a pilot can demonstrate the importance of technology in aviation. An example is the advert for an International F-16 Instructor pilot found at (Key words: pilot jobs. engineering). The basics of the job entail knowledge of advanced sensor systems and advanced weapons employment since it is a military aircraft job. In addition, the pilot is required to understand how Joint Helmet Mounted Cueing System works as well as how advanced navigation systems work using technology.

Airlines sell their services using technology. Since there are many airlines competing for clients, the airlines that market the most attract and retain clients through the information supplied to them [Boy12]. Airlines use the internet to market themselves. In addition, airlines actually make sales online by the use of online booking where passengers pay for tickets online. It is convenient and reduces expenses for passengers and airlines.

From the discussion, it is evident that technology is of great importance to a pilot and the aviation industry generally. Without technology, there would be disaster in the industry on a daily basis.

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