Venus and adonis 

 God has chiseled such a rare figure. But he is disinterested in the art of love. He gets immense joy in hunting and riding over the hills after deer and fox. Mesmerised with his beauty, Venus specially descends on Planet Earth from the heavens and falls in love with him desperately. Passion has been compared as an animal instinct. Shakespeare highlights this instinct through the love play of Adonis and Venus. Love and passion of a woman have the capacity to disturb the mental equilibrium of a man and Venus is aware of the strength and the power of seduction of the feminine charms. She challenges him one morning in the fields as he is on his hunting mission. She pleads with him to dismount, tie his horse to a tree and engage in conversation with her.

Shakespeare describes how Venus proceeds step by step to kindle the animal passion in Adonis. Initially, she is tactful with her love but later does not hesitate to apply force, reclines by his side and eyes him with caressing glances, engages him in passionate conversation, explains to him in tender words the wonder and glory of love. Adonis does not relent, he is steady and firm, is more anxious to leave her even as she begs him for kind disposition and a kiss, but Adonis is set on his single-pointed determination for hunting. She lists the pleasures that she can offer to him, Adonis finally breaks himself from her arms, and it is at this moment, Shakespeare explains in clear terms the victory of the animal instinct, by the example of the behavior of the horse. As Adonis rushes towards his stallion, it hears a call of a jennet in a field nearby. Shakespeare describes the situation thus:

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Venus and adonis 
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The aroused stallion forgets about the loyalty to its master, breaks the leather thong that holds him and gallops towards the jennet.&nbsp.

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