Water scarcity management and minimizing biodiversity loss 

! The populations in Brazil and Australia have positively harnessed most of their natural waterways—building water wells, dams, massive irrigation systems as well as other structures which have permitted civilizations to thrive and grow. But clean water systems are progressively stressed, and some lakes, aquifers, and rivers are drying up. The figure below shows the distribution of water on earth.

In Australia, there is relatively less focus on energy and climate change policies that pertain to the sustaining of clean water resources, even with the extensive history and projected increase in droughts in Australia. Australia’s policy is not comprehensive enough to cover important aspects of water resource management as compared to other developed countries (such as the U.K) or tend to lack a sound strategy similar to Brazil’s partial measures. Climate change and energy policies that do exist consider freshwater resource management only take it in terms of using it as a potential source of energy generation (Newell, B., D. Marsh, 2011). Brazil, on the other hand, has long plans to develop hydropower that will have minimal effect on populations and the environment. However, in order to implement these steps, extensive enforcement is required by the Brazilian government and requires considerable work at the grass-root level. The major problem is not the absence of Climate change policies in Australia and Brazil but overlooking the issue of clean water management for the future.

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 Water scarcity management and minimizing biodiversity loss 
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One method to bring down water loss is the incorporation of water restrictions that are a response to chronic water shortages in countries like Australia. These restrictions include small grass-root actions such as limitations on watering lawns, using sprinklers, washing cars and pavement.&nbsp.

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