Why ivy tech why now

There are a number of reasons that prompted me to pursue a degree from Ivy Tech. This short personal narrative will help to explain some of the major points that drove, and continue to drive, me towards Ivy Tech in the pursuit of a better life for myself, my loved ones, help to ameliorate suffering through the correct practice of nursing, and the desire to complete personal goals I had set for myself. Firstly, I chose to pursue an education at Ivy Tech out of the desire to better my own life both through hoping to receive a better job with better benefits as well as the desire to better the life that my family would be able to enjoy if I chose this given path. The saying goes that it “takes money to make money”. however, I view the investment I have made in Ivy Tech as the smartest investment and best money spent of my entire life as I am sure that the results of my education will continue to pay for themselves in the years to come. As such, the sacrifice in time and money that I am currently expending will doubtless yield a favorable reward and prove that the decisions I have made were the right ones.

Additionally, as a parent, I have the innate desire to see my own family succeed and my own children to enjoy a better quality of life than I did. As such, I did not see my life taking this particular path before I enrolled in Ivy Tech. Without pursuing higher education and working continually to better myself for the sake of others as well as myself, there would be little if any opportunity for me to achieve a higher standard of living or quality of life. However, due to the fact that I have enrolled and am currently working towards pursuing a degree, I wholeheartedly believe that I have taken the rights steps in the right direction for the right reasons. In order to realize the American Dream for myself and my family, it was necessary for me to take the first steps and pursue my goals with a decided determination.&nbsp.

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Why ivy tech why now
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