Working With the UA Recycling Club.

Project Title: Working with the UA recycling club to recycle paper.

Project Objective: The objective of this project is to reuse and/ or recycle all forms of paper that are not in use within the school. These include: white office paper, books, journals and magazines.

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 Working With the UA Recycling Club.
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Project Background: The recycling of paper ensures and guarantees a sustainable environment. This is due to the reason that trees would not be cut down so as to produce products such as paper. In that sense, the environment that we live in will be safer from: The emissions of Green House Gases (GHG) such as Carbon dioxide and Methane that pollute the air. Climate changes that lead to extreme floods, extreme winds and extreme sun rays.

Project Description: This project proposal seeks to create awareness on the importance of recycling paper to the students instead of throwing it away as trash. In that bid, waste bins shall be placed in the University and they shall be clearly marked so as to distinguish the kind of waste that goes in. As such, there will be a single waste bin that only collects waste paper only. When the waste bins are full, the waste paper shall be collected in a bigger waste paper container. From there, it shall be taken to the recycling plant so as to be recycled to new re-usable paper.

Proposed Project Officer: Here you give the name of the project officer. their rank and/ or position in this project proposal. their contact number.

Probable Milestones: This project may take as long as it can since paper is a commodity that is used day in day out in the University. As such, waste paper is a product that shall be collected on a daily basis from the strategically placed waste paper bins.

Probable Costs and Funding Sources: The costs to be incurred shall mostly be on the purchase of waste paper bins which shall indeed be different from the other waste bins. The funding shall most probably come from the University as this is a school based initiative.

Submitter’s Name, phone number: Here you give your name and your contact number.


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