World War

World War The World War began in Europe during 1914 and began to spread rapidly to the other parts of the globe ina span of four years. They also referred to this war as the Great War. A world war is any war that constitutes more than four super power states and military operations in more than one continent. The World War 1 blemished Germany’s Central Powers, Ottoman Empire and Austria-Hungary against the allies. The allies were the Russia, Japan, France, Great Britain, Italy and the United States of America (Bentley, Ziegler, and Streets).

The immediate cause that triggered the Great War was the assassination of Franz Ferdinand. Franz Ferdinand was the archduke in Austria- Hungary. He murdered by Gavrilo Princip, who was from Serbia. He was ordered to complete this mission by Black Hand. a secret military group.

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The rest were primary causes of the war but were not immediate. One of them was militarism. Britain had an immense army that Germany envied. They began to compete towards building larger armies that meant increased arms and weapons. Need for prestige and power, the more one nation built their army, the more the other governments felt need to increase theirs. In the long run, civilian nations began to suffer heavy taxation to cater for the militants.

Creation of alliances. This was supposed to bring a sense of security. In any case of war, those countries were expected to protect each other. The alliances were a threat to cause a world war if any country confronted one of the allied countries will cause all the rest to come forward. Imperialism was mobilizing smaller nations a ruling them. Gathering colonies was a way of increasing a nation’s wealth. Global competition for this colonies resulted to major confrontations and chaos (Bentley and Ziegler, Traditions and Encounters. Volume I, From the Beginning to 1500: a brief global history).

We care about the World War 1 because after the war. women gained more rights in the society than before. They were able to take better roles in the community and do things they couldnt. More job opportunities were created which automatically resulted to improved technology e.g. guns, airplanes, etc. After all, the war had its benefits that are very useful to date (Randall).

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