Write 5 pages thesis on the topic the role of people you meet.

Write 5 pages thesis on the topic the role of people you meet. However, Ashley, Sumin and I know how we want to earn money, which is the first thing that unites us. However, our directions in life are a bit different.

Ashley studies chemistry, and she thinks it is one of the most interesting subjects in the world because it has very little theory and not many calculations. She says, “I like doing things not speaking about them or theorizing and making assumptions.” So Ashley knows for sure – chemistry is just for her! Ashley is concentrated on her subject and plans to dedicate her life to it. She says, “I want to go into forensic chemistry on a professional level and work tirelessly to achieve the highest results! I also would like to be a college professor in one day, to be able to experience the hustle the professors go through while handling a bunch of rowdy students”. Ashley is working at the moment to make some money. She prefers to pet sit rather than babysitting because it is much easier to connect with animals than angry crying babies.

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Write 5 pages thesis on the topic the role of people you meet.
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Summit majors in kinesiology because he loves science, especially anatomy! He thinks studying a human body with a possibility to help humanity is very motivating. Summit would like to study biology further. He says, “I want to be a biology expert in the future so people will probably see me in some laboratory in big glasses in ten years. &nbsp.For some people, it may seem boring, but for me, this is fun!”.&nbsp. But there is another thing that Sumin loves as much as he loves his favorite subject: sport and snowboarding. So alternatively, he can continue snowboarding, which he adores and work at some snow resort as an instructor.&nbsp. That is also human anatomy, you know!

I major in math, and after my graduation, I want to be a math teacher. I love teaching and know math, and as such, both features can combine to make me a great teacher. So we, with Ashley, understand each other in the desire to share knowledge with others. It brings satisfaction and helps other people to develop. Some people do not like so much communication at work, but constant contact with people is very important. &nbsp.Also, math finds a lot of applications in everyday life. Each time it comes to real money, like shopping, I apply my math skills. So my work will be very practical and useful. But I would never make snowboarding that I adore my work because it is a bit complicated for me. So this will remain my hobby.

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