Write 5 pages with APA style on Women in Higher Education.

Write 5 pages with APA style on Women in Higher Education. The idea of educating women started with the realization that educated girls would certainly make successful mothers in the future, which would be, in every way, beneficial to the country. Many important figures in American history, mostly ladies, have worked to their fullest to achieve the education system seen today in America. Some undertook the agenda of opening colleges for women, while others promoted coeducation and gender equity (Graham, 1978). Because of these great people’s efforts, women outnumber the men in colleges now, and the traditional gender difference or gap has been undoubtedly reversed (Thelin, 2004).

Born in September 1800, Catharine E. Beecher was an American lady who had a great vision as an educator, particularly females. She sought her education from a private girls’ school in Connecticut (Sklar, 1973). However, the disappointment that the school’s limited number of subjects gave her made her quite thirsty for knowledge, and she started teaching rare subjects like philosophy and mathematics to her fellow girls (Blandin, 1909). After graduation, she took up a permanent job as a school teacher at some school in the nearby area.

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Write 5 pages with APA style on Women in Higher Education.
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The idea of Hartford Seminary was inspired by the work of Emma Willard and the Troy Female Seminary she opened. Willard was the first person to open a school in America that taught young girls subjects like science and math. Beecher agreed with Willard’s idea of providing the American boys and girls with equal education opportunities and thus opened a private girls’ school by the name of ‘Hartford Female Seminary’ in 1823 (Cott, 2000). Following the Hartford Seminary, she made great efforts to open other schools in the Midwestern area.

Beecher was a lady who believed that the opportunities offered to the girls of her time were quite limited and insufficient. She believed that women were no different from men and deserved to be given a chance to seek high – quality education. Beecher introduced a large variety of subjects at her school and employed a lot of recognized and renowned alumni to teach those subjects (Graham, 1978). She also wrote and prepared her textbooks for the school’s curriculum after analyzing the existing ones’ deficiencies (Sklar, 1973). At her schools, she also introduced listening activities, encouraged intonation, and introduced the kindergarten level (Thelin, 2004).

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