Write a 5 pages paper on agricultural ethics.

Write a 5 pages paper on agricultural ethics. It is evidently clear from the discussion that consequentialism holds to the view that moral response that is correct is related to the consequence or outcome of that act. The main aim is the maximization of the good for the number that is greatest. This theory tends not to be appreciated in India. This is evident in the manner in which the farmers are complaining of economic difficulties in the country. Montasa controls the market in India by selling their products four times higher. Indian farmers are turning into money lenders who are lending money at high interests. There is bankruptcy when the market is poor. A 25-year-old took pesticide because of economic difficulties and died due to suicide. A record by the farmer shows the tally of the suicide cases which is 600 suicides from June 2005 to June 2006. This they term to be a disaster. According to Tarak Kate, an agronomist, the Montasa are making the farmers completely dependent on their market, the reason for the high cost of the seed and spraying. He says that GMO is not helpful to small farmers, as the company claims in its advertisement. A sample from the farmers in the market confirms that they would not be growing the BT cotton the coming year. The BT cotton is selling at a low cost according to “Seeds of suicide” by vandana shiva a Nobel peace winner for conserving traditional seed. She was against the original green revolution which introduced industrial agriculture in India in the 1960s. She says that the first green revolution was initiated by the government but the second one by the monsatos. She also puts it clear that the first green revolution had a hidden objective of selling more chemicals through the main objective was to provide food security. However, the difference in the new green revolution is that there is no object on the food security, as the main aim is more returns to the monsatos.

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Write a 5 pages paper on agricultural ethics.
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