Write a 5 pages paper on critical review of tertiary study methods.

Write a 5 pages paper on critical review of tertiary study methods. Keller has focused upon enhancing motivation in students in order to improve learning outcomes and in this aspect, he differs from Burdess because he is more focused upon how students can use available online tools for self-assessment in preparing for exams and such.&nbsp.

The common denominator in all of the three books is that they are targeted at students and aim to help students to make a success of their education by developing good learning techniques and providing guidance on improving performances and scoring well in academic assignments and examinations. There are also some differences, notably in Keller’s book which leans heavily in favor of promoting and enhancing motivation in students. The emphasis on Burdess’s book is upon effective preparation for examinations and how students can improve their skills in this area, although the book also covers other salient aspects such as academic writing. The book by Hay and Donkey is comprehensive and covers all aspects of student life, commencing from a student’s entry into University till the day of graduation.

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Write a 5 pages paper on critical review of tertiary study methods.
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One of the major areas Burdess (1991) concentrates upon is how to improve exam study skills. The author suggests various tips for students such as (a) start studying early (b) use flashcards as a means to memorize information (c) if the exam involves answering essay type questions, the student can gain by finding out specific topics being examined and if there is a choice, concentrating on a few topics to ensure good performance, rather than overloading with too much detailed information on too many topics. that may be required to answer multiple-choice questions Another area of focus in Burdess’s book is academic writing to improve performance in exams.&nbsp.

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