Write a 5 pages paper on designing and testing of a delay unit

Write a 5 pages paper on designing and testing of a delay unit. The CV of the VCO is generated from the keyboard. The CV is to alternate the VCO pitch operating in the same way a string of a guitar changes the pitch of the guitar.

VCO at the same time acts as a converter of voltage to frequency through the variation of its input voltage. The main function of a VCP is to regulate the level of threshold and the trigger of the signal that is applied to the system. The VCC is three times the value of control voltage applied to the pin at the point of supply. This is as a result of the voltage divider that is built internally. The potentiometer can as well be used to supply the voltage to the pin. This external voltage is alternated by adjusting the potentiometer. When the applied voltage is decreased or increased, the capacity discharging time and its charging time either lengthens or shortens. It is, therefore, worth noting that when the input voltage is varied, the frequency of the system also changes. The control voltage is supplied to the pin by use of the potentiometer or through the use of a transistor circuit. The figure below shows a VCO circuit example ( Bhatt 2012).

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Write a 5 pages paper on designing and testing of a delay unit
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The VCO’s main component is the 555 timer, which is first configured to form a multivibrator that is stable before being employed as an oscillator. An astable multivibrator is a timing circuit that has output oscillating between high logics and low logics developing trains of pulses without stopping. One main difference between the two circuits is that the 555 circuit has its pin 5 connected to the external supply voltage which acts as the control voltage pin. The pin is used when the adjustment of the threshold voltage is required. The threshold voltage is a voltage that is used to compare the pin 2 and pin 6 voltages by the comparators that are inbuilt in the system.

The comparator outputs are used to control the flip flop circuits of the system that are inbuilt which are used to toggle the 555 timer output and finally, adjusting the pin 5 control voltage that eventually varies the frequency where the output of the 555 timer toggles at. When the voltage at pin 5 is increased, then oscillating output, the frequency decreases too. At the same time when this voltage is decreased, then the output frequency of the oscillation increases.

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