Write a 5 pages paper on mangrove

Write a 5 pages paper on mangrove. Individual mangroves species vary in the duration of time their propagules remain viable, their establishment achievement, their augmentation rate, and their tolerance limits. These factors, which appear moderately reliable around the world, combine to produce characteristics distributional ranges for most species.

Mangroves grow mostly along the eastern coastlines of the Americas and Africa than along the cooler western coastlines. They prefer areas with humid climate and freshwater inflow that brings in abundant nutrients and silt. Mangroves grow luxuriantly in alluvial soils. They are abundant in broad, sheltered, low-lying coastal plains where topographic gradients are small and tidal amplitudes are large. In common cases flooded but well-drained soils support good mangrove growth and high species diversity. Mangroves do not grow well in the stagnant water.

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Write a 5 pages paper on mangrove
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There exist about 90 species of mangroves that are recognized in the world that belong to some 20 plant families. Around the tropics of Australia, 37 types from 15 plant families occur, approximately 40 percent of the entire number of mangrove types found all over the world. Mangrove families include Avicenniaceae, Meliaceae, Rhizophoraceae, and Sonneratiaceae. The most prolific species include the Grey Mangrove and the Red Mangrove.

Each mangrove type is definite by its forbearance to salt and temperature strain. Moving upstream in a mangrove woodland, species location becomes conspicuous. Species such as the Grey and Red Mangroves control the downstream segment of the mangrove woodland, where flood occurs daily, while some of the black, orange, and yellow mangroves grow in the upstream segment where a flood of seawater doesn’t occur as recurrently. The milky mangrove expels a white sap on breaking the stem or leaves which is irritating and poisonous on contact. Mangrove varieties are often zoned corresponding to the seashore. The region where each type occurs is determined by tide levels and soil 

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