Write a 6 pages paper on mass media and communication

Write a 6 pages paper on mass media and communication. In a monopolistic market, consumers will have a limited number of choices. This is because they are limited to choosing from what they are supplied. On the other hand, a market with many sellers will give the consumer a variety of choices. This will make the consumer choose from his/her favourites and not limited to a few choices (Severin & Tankard 2010, p. 65).

In the late 1980s, “czar” controlled all major media in the United States. The media controlled includes. motion picture studio, magazine, book publishing house, broadcasting station and daily newspaper. Currently, there are 25000 media outlets in the United States. Only 29 corporations control all these media outlets. This indicates that monopoly is high in the United States as per communication and media. This is because the 29 corporations control all the 25000 media outlets. The corporations can decide to raise or reduce the costs incurred on using different media outlets to suit their interest. They are free to do anything, as they are the only once dominating the market. The dominant media corporations in the United States include. CBS, Knight-Ridder, Macmillan, Time, Inc, Universal-MCA, Hearst Corp, and many others. The solution to this monopolistic communication in the United States is a democracy. This will encourage accountability to the public as a result of great power. For accountability to be achieved, the government should devise regulation measures to prevent monopoly. In addition, the government should create. chances where other corporations will get a chance to participate in public media and communication.

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Write a 6 pages paper on mass media and communication
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Pornography refers to the material, which deals with sex designed to arouse its viewers or readers. The writings, videos, pictures, and others are displayed primarily with the intention of arousing sexual desire. There are two types of pornography, which are not protected by the First Amendment. These are child pornography and obscenity.&nbsp.

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