Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on do student backgrounds affect schooling outcomes.

The views from the various ethnic backgrounds vary considerably concerning their dissimilarity to other students. Studies show that a high proportion of pupils face segregation because of their racial background. Although white students usually report fewer cases of different backgrounds inside their classroom, there are still numerous instances of people from other races and ethnicities. Therefore, ethnic and racial backgrounds affect school outcomes (Sadovnik, 2007).

Diversity with respect to school and classroom parameters such as the syllabus and the composition of the student body are related to better outcomes in education. Such circumstances also groom students to feel at ease with students from other ethnicities and racial backgrounds. Such attitudes ensure that the benefits extend to the local community, while also helping the students improve their grades. They improve by focusing on their studies instead of the differences between them (Telles & Ortiz, 2008).

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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on do student backgrounds affect schooling outcomes.
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Diverse school environments offer equal opportunities for success to all the students. With the equalization of these opportunities, students can focus on attaining higher aspirations in their studies. Such a perception of opportunity among the students should be spread equitably in schools with diverse ethnic and racial backgrounds. The result, therefore, is that in the diversity of the school, the opportunity is seen as more equal within culturally diverse environments (Sadovnik, 2007).

Concerning student encouragement to get a college education and take demanding courses, teachers should give the same level of attention to all their students regardless of their background. In the United States, teachers should focus particularly on students of Hispanic origin. In the same way that tutors inspire their students from different ethnicities and racial backgrounds to attend college, they should also encourage them to take challenging courses. In summary, schools should initiate steps to address these differences, thereby reducing the achievement gap (Sadovnik, 2007).


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