Zero-plagiarism guarantee

Zero-plagiarism guarantee
Zero-plagiarism guarantee

Zero-plagiarism guarantee: Plagiarism is completely unacceptable in the academic field as it is regarded as academic fraud. It can ruin your academic life as it can negatively affect your grades if you submit a plagiarized essay. Hence, submitting plagiarism-free essays is very important. This calls upon for the need to hire a professional academic writer to help you develop plagiarism-free content.

Online Essay Help is a reliable website providing essay help services. We take content originality very seriously. Our custom essays are written from scratch making them 100% original. We normally check all our papers for plagiarism before delivering them to the clients.

Originality-related hazards that can ruin your paper

Zero-plagiarism guarantee
  1. Copy-pasting information on the internet and failing to cite them well.
  2. Rewriting original texts through the use of synonyms, altered sentence structure, and change of active voice to passive voice and vice versa.
  3. Using texts that you have already used in your previous writings.

Zero-plagiarism guarantee: Measures we take to prevent plagiarism

Zero-plagiarism guarantee
  1. We do not just trust writers

Our writers are highly qualified in different academic fields which they major in. Having worked in the academic industry for a long time, they have gained a lot of experience thus we have developed a lot of trust in them. Despite this, we have a plagiarism detecting software where all our papers are checked for plagiarism before being delivered to the clients. The essays are only delivered if they are 100% original. If the essay has any traces of plagiarism, it is sent back to the writer for editing until it is plagiarism-free. Our plagiarism detecting software does not save checked documents to online databases and thus you can re-check the paper you receive from us for plagiarism.

  • Our papers are delivered securely

We are very careful when it comes to the delivery of completed essays. This is done to prevent the delivered essays from being accessed by the wrong person. To guarantee secure delivery, all completed essays are uploaded to a customer’s personal order page. You must have a user name and a password to log in to your account to access the order page. This means that no one can log in to another person’s account. You are advised to never share your account details and password with anyone. You can also change your password any time you feel it is no longer secure. Do not hesitate to contact our support team if you have any security issues for assistance.

  • We do not re-use any of our papers

We understand the negative impacts of plagiarism and the importance of non-plagiarized papers thus we can never resell any of the papers delivered to our clients. You can’t also receive an essay that had been delivered to another client. In case identical orders are placed the orders will be assigned to different writers to ensure there are no chances of similarities.

  • Sources are cited properly

Our professional writers are highly qualified and have experience in using different citation styles. The styles include APA, MLA, Harvard, and Chicago. You only need to state the style you want our writer to use. When giving your order instructions, ensure you give the preferred citation style. In case you need the writer to use a certain number of sources, do not forget to indicate this when giving order instructions. You can also upload any files you want us to use in processing your order. Once you have given all the instructions, sit back, relax, and wait. Within the set deadline, you can be sure to receive a well-written essay with all order instructions carefully followed.

  • Your paper is revised in case plagiarism is detected

Although we try our best to ensure we deliver non-plagiarized and error-free essays. In some rare cases, some mistakes might go unnoticed. That is why we advise you to review your essay before submitting it to your lecturer. If you realize your essay has any mistakes, contact us immediately. We offer free revisions according to our Free-revision policy. In case of plagiarism, you can request a free revision or a refund as per our Money-back guarantee.

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